About me


As you probably guessed I am André Faca, the owner of this website.

Andre Faca (2013)

Andre Faca (2013)

If you’re looking for a full resume, I recommend you to connect with me via LinkedIn.

I used to work primarily as a web consultant who specialized in automation, programming,  graphic design and web animation services.
However, something happened along the years. I have joined the hosting industry about 12 years ago and never gone back.

I ended up becoming a Senior Support Manager for a respected hosting company, where I’ve always delivered results.
I’ve been told people tend to know me for my professionalism tied up to my human side.

Here is a list of comments about me and the work I do (more on my LinkedIn profile):

Graham McMillan

(Chief Technology Officer at World Wide Web Hosting LLC)

“I’ve known André for over 5 years and worked with him in various different capacities. I’ve managed him when he was an L2 admin but I’ve also seen him excel as a Support Supervisor after being promoted.André not only knows a ton about web hosting (both windows and linux side) and the technical aspects of it, but he makes a great manager too. He is kind and looks out for his people and I know they respect him. But even though he’s in a support role he’s still constantly expanding his technical knowledge because he understands how important that is in the web hosting industry where many support-level issues require higher level technical understanding.

I’m going to miss working with André, but I hope our paths cross again in the future. He’s a really great guy and I know he would be a great addition to any company.”


Ben Welch-Bolen

(Chief Executive Officer at World Wide Web Hosting LLC)

“André is an amazing team leader! I’ve worked with him for the last 8+ years and as the company has grown he has handled the increased responsibility to perfection. He has a vast amount of experience in the web hosting industry, especially with cPanel, and is a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended!”


Bogdan Tirpescu
(Customer Service Specialist at World Wide Web Hosting LLC)
“I am very pleased to write this recommendation. André is definitely a Web Hosting Industry Veteran as he well stated in his LinkedIn profile page. That’s a fact and I couldn’t agree more!During almost three years that I worked with André at WWWH, I have always been impressed by his outstanding management skills and his high level of technical expertise and professionalism. Leading a fully remote based team is not an easy job. I have learned a lot from him.
Not only is André highly skilled; he also is very hard-working and passionate about his work. In person I find André very friendly, sociable, presentable and capable to discuss with you on a variety of topics.In closing, I recommend André very highly for any position in the IT industry that involves leadership and technical skills, with high quality requirements. He is an exceptionally bright and hardworking person who will do his very best to do an outstanding job for whomever he works with.”


Lehel Csiki
(Senior Systems Administrator at World Wide Web Hosting LLC)

“While working as a Technical Support Specialist, André proved his great ability to efficiently manage the team under him, guiding each team member to achieve its best and work with customers on a high level of professionalism.His ability to recognize people ups and downs makes him a great mentor, and a skillful manager at the same time.”


Ufuk Gur
(Independent IT Expert)
“Andre is a great team leader and a mentor. He is very friendly but also very professional at the same time. He is always there for you in case you need help but also promotes confidence to you so that you can take initiative. It has been a pleasure for me to work with him.”


Dragos Boroianu
(Independent IT Expert)

“Andre is a very organized and dedicated technician, in the manager capacity he is very team oriented and dedicated to work with his team members to assure all responsibilities are taken care of. He is a great supervisor and mentor – I’ve always felt comfortable bringing any issue to him and he always found the time to help/guide me. Andre is a genuine leader and cultivates loyalty and friendship with everyone he works with.For me, it really is a pleasure to work with Andre – he’s that kind of person who can easily combine deep knowledge and experience of what he’s doing with never-ending desire to do better than whatsoever.

He also has excellent interpersonal skills in communications, client relations, and negotiation that complements him as a very strong leader.”


You can read more reviews and obtain more information about me by visiting my LinkedIn profile.