D-Link DIR-600 Quick Setup Guide and Micro Review



Today I decided to review one of my latest routers, the D-Link DIR-600.
The DIR-600 is a small and nice-looking router.

But the looks are not everything.
Just like most of the home-network routers (a.k.a. cheap routers), you will find annoying bugs on it and probably complain about reliability (you will).

Let’s look at its packaging.

Main Box

Box Set

The DIR-600 is bundled with a regular 2M CAT5E ethernet cable (up to 100mb/s).
The box pictures are of my own, and as you can see I haven’t even untied the cable.
This is because my home is fully wired with CAT6 cable, which allows up to 1 Gb/s.

D-Link DIR-600 Inside

Inside the box, below the manuals

Make no mistake, though. This router does NOT allow you to reach such speed.
I only recommend wiring with CAT5E if you have a (very) tiny budget.

CAT6 is the future and it is backwards compatible so it makes sense to do this, as you might get a CAT6 router in the near future. (You can already get one for less than $100)

Moving on: setting up the D-Link DIR-600 is pretty straight forward.

  1. Connect your xDSL or Cable Modem to the WAN port on the router (skip this if you are going to use it as an Access Point)
  2. Using the supplied (or not) ethernet cable, connect your computer to the router’s LAN1 port.
  3. Run the installation CD and follow the On-Screen instructions.

After the installation/setup completes, you will be able to log into the router’s administration panel by pointing your browser to
By default, your username is “admin” and no password is assigned, so just leave the password field blank and click on the “Log In” button.

Advanced Setup

I rarely recommend you to keep the basic settings, so here’s what I recommend you to do:

  1. Log into the router by pointing your browser to (again, the username is admin and the password should be blank by default)
  2. Click on “Manual Internet Connection Setup” (see screenshot below)
  3. This will bring you to the Internet Connection options page.
    Try to replicate the settings below.

    D-Link DIR-600 Internet Options

    Internet Connection Options

    The main changes you will be doing are:

    » Adding a Hostname (I used DIR-600 but you can use anything else)
    » Using Google’s Public DNS Servers (this is totally optional but I do recommend it)

    After that, Save your settings by clicking on the “Save Settings” button.

  4. Click on the “LAN Setup” link in the left sidebar. Scroll the page down until you find the “DHCP Server Settings” section.
    Make sure that your DHCP Server is enabled, and set the DHCP Lease Time to 14400 (at least).Now here comes a scary part for rookies. Find out your MAC address.
    This is actually easy, just follow these instructions (the Windows XP instructions also work on Windows Vista/Windows 7).
  5. Now that you have your computer’s MAC Address, scroll down the “LAN Setup” page.
    Under “DHCP Reservation”, enter your computer name, select an IP for it (an example would be and the MAC Address.IMPORTANT: Make sure you check the no-label/no-name checkbox. This is actually the box to enable that specific rule.
    Repeat this for all your computers (or at least the ones you intend to connect-to the most).Save your settings.
  6. Click on “Wireless Setup”. If you do not intend to use WPS, I suggest disabling it.
    Try replicating the settings below.

    D-Link DIR-600 Wireless Setup

    Wireless Setup

    I recommend hiding your SSID, just like you see on the screenshot. In terms of security this is technically useless,  but at least it won’t broadcast your network name and basic settings to everyone in your street with a good wireless card.

    Make sure you select a good WPA key.
    If you need to generate a network key, I recommend using Wireless Key Generator.

    Make sure you print your password and store it in a safe and easy to remember place.
    Or, just save it as an encrypted text file on your computer.

    You will need this key everytime you need to attach a new wireless device to your network, so forgetting or losing the password will inevitably force you to reset the WPA key on the router (which in turn means you will have to reconfigure every device all over again to use the new key).

    Save your settings and configure your Wireless Devices with your WPA Key.

  7. Do not forget to pay a visit to the Time Settings. Make sure everything’s correct to avoid issues in the future – and start browsing!

This should cover the basics.
I have been using this router on my home, together with an ASUS WL-520GU (acting as an access point amd print server).

So far, the issues aren’t overwhelming but I reckon this router could be better.
Here’s the list of small (but annoying) issues that I have had with it:

  1. DNS Timeouts when using the DNS Relay option (resolved by using Google’s Public DNS Servers)
  2. DHCP Server Timeouts when connecting or requesting a new IP address (Resolved by using Static IPs)
  3. For some reason my PS3 does not like this router. It would never get an IP from DHCP when connected via Ethernet. (Resolved by setting up a Manual IP on XMB)

Apart from those issues, the router works pretty well and it does handle traffic smoothly.
Still, I cannot recommend it for the “regular joe”; because the issues I have had would have been literally a nightmare for new and inexperienced users (I can see most of them just returning it).

45 Responses to “D-Link DIR-600 Quick Setup Guide and Micro Review”

  • khaled:

    Thanks for the review. It’s really helpful.
    I have a question please: Is there an easy recommended way to setup the D-LINK DIR-600 for Mac OS X computers? The CD only have the setup for windows computers!!
    Thanks in advanced.

    • andref:


      You should be able to set it up even without the CD.
      Try to connect your Mac computer to the router using a network cable (RJ45), and then try to access the router with a browser, using, or

      One of those should work. From there just proceed with the regular setup in the router’s control panel (through the browser at the same address).
      That should help you to get started.

  • Anilec:

    When I try to save at the emulator I get this message:
    This feature has been disabled on this emulator.

    What can i do??????

    • By emulator, you mean the device?
      If so, that feature has probably been disabled by your ISP, especially if they provided the router to you.

      When this is the case there is not much you can do, as the device most likely has custom firmware on it, which will block you from changing these settings.

  • mimi:

    THANK YOU!!!

  • Leticia:

    Pode me ajudar, por favor?

    tenho um D-link DIR 600 e a cada vez que meu note entra em modo de espera por muito tempo ou é desligado a configuração do roteador deixa de funcionar. preciso sempre conectá-lo ao note e refazer a configuração inicial para que volte a funcionar. tem algo que eu possa fazer para não ter que fazer esta configuração todos os dias?

    Agradeço muito desde já.

    • Leticia,

      Provavelmente o conselho é tardio, mas aconselho a optar por uma RMA (return merchandise authorization), seja na loja onde adquiriu ou directamente pela D-Link.

      Em qualquer um dos casos o RMA será aceite e o router será devidamente recondicionado, ou substituido.

      Dados os sintomas, é possível que o router simplesmente não tenha acesso à memoria para guardar a configuração. (pode acontecer por vários motivos, mas todos levam ao solicitação de RMA)



  • Marvin Ray:

    Sir how about my problem. All of my games always disconnect when I use this router.. what should I do? Also when playing Garena [DOTA] our player cannot trace each other…

    • Hey Marvin,

      That can happen for a good number of reasons, however I’d point to a port being blocked (most games use their own port for communication).

      If the router works fine otherwise and just fails on some games, I’d recommend you to try to disable the router’s firewall first. If it resolves the issue, you should configure the firewall to allow traffic through those ports before reactivating it.

      Good luck!

  • Allen:

    Sir every time I turn on my PC my connection takes too long to turn green (the DIR 600 router’s globe symbol besides the wifi is color yellow which means it’s not yet connected) most of the time I need to unplug then plug again the router just to make it turn green. But when I’m just using my dsl modem alone there’s no problem it automatically connected, there’s no need to wait (I don’t want to switch cable just to connect my ps3 cause I often use them both). My only cable that is connected to the router is PC and for PS3.

  • John:

    i forget my log in user name and password, how can i find it?

    • Hi John,

      Same as Danny (below). You need to reset it back to the factory settings:

      Press and hold the reset button (you might need a pen or a pencil for that) for about 5 seconds. The router leds will start blinking once it’s been reset.
      Then, just point your browser to and configure the router again, following my guide above.

  • Mirko:

    Dear sir,
    Is it possible to set up wireless download speed or it is fixed…?

    Than you in advance!

    • The transfer rates are are variable but they never go over 54mbps and there isn’t much you can do to speed it up. Remember, this is just a B/G system. If you’d like to have some extra speed, I’d recommend a Wifi N router.

  • DannyTan:

    Sir I just type user name ” admin ” error responds sir can u
    assist me ty !!!

    • Hey Danny,

      Just reset the router to the default settings.
      Here’s how to do it:

      Press and hold the reset button (you might need a pen or a pencil for that) for about 5 seconds. The router leds will start blinking once it’s been reset.

      Then, just point your browser to and configure the router again, following my guide above.

      TIP: D-Link usually places the default router URL and administrative credentials in the bottom of the router, just in case you don’t know what the default values are.

  • Lenn:

    How can I configure for windows without the CD? somebody lost it somewhere, I already configured the router yet at some annoying instance we had no choice but to reset the router because just recently we encountered some problem with the device and we didn’t know what to do. Please we need your help sir. Thank you in advance!

    • Hi Lenn,

      Not a problem. Here’s how to get it working:

      1) Connect your computer to the router using a LAN (RJ45) cable — connect it to any LAN port, just make sure you’re not using the “Internet” port, which is supposed to be connected to your modem.
      2) With a pen/pencil (any sharp object will do), press the RESET button — it’s located right next to the power cable. This will restore the router to the factory default.
      3) Force your PC to obtain a new IP from the routers DHCP. You can do this in a not-very-technical way simply by unplugging the network cable from your PC (windows will recognize that fact) and then reconnecting it again (Windows will try to obtain a new IP).
      4) After that, start your web browser and point it to The default username is “admin” and the password should be blank.
      5) Follow the instructions on this article or use the “Internet Connection Setup Wizard” button if you’re in a hurry.

      That should get you back online.
      Just in case, here’s the manual (PDF):

  • mahesh:

    Sir every time I turn on my PC my connection takes too long to turn green (the DIR 600L router’s globe symbol besides the wifi is color yellow which means it’s not yet connected) most of the time I need to unplug then plug again the router just to make it turn green. But when I’m just using my dsl modem alone there’s no problem it automatically connected, there’s no need to wait (I don’t want to switch cable just to connect my ps3 cause I often use them both). My only cable that is connected to the router is PC and for PS3. my dlink : 21009399


    • Hello Mahesh,

      I had that problem a while ago and found out that it was due to the system log setting in the router’s control panel.
      For some reason the logs aren’t automatically rotated/deleted, and as such when it gets full, you’ll start to experience the issues you have described.

      To completely disable logging, log into your router’s administration interface, then click on “Maintenance” and then on “Log Settings” (in the menu on the left).
      Then uncheck all the boxes (System, Firewall & Security, Router Status) and save your settings.

      If you ever have a problem and you need to enable logging again for investigation purposes you can do so at anytime.

  • Giselle:

    Very nice colors on your blog. The design here makes it stand out a lot compared to some of the other not as good blogs stuffed with a bunch of stolen work.
    Thank you for the help on the Dir-600, as well!

  • machdelta:

    Hey just wondering how you managed to turn off WPS? I have tried unticking the box and clicking the unconfigure button etc, but I cant manage to turn it off. I have an open house hold and would prefer not to share without the hassle of MAC banning users.

    • Hi there,

      To be honest I have never touched WPS on this router (it’s just something I do not use often), and I couldn’t test it at the moment as I have already installed custom firmware on it.
      Perhaps during this weekend or next week I will try to post instructions on how to install custom firmware on the DIR-600, as that solved all the issues I have mentioned in the article, and the performance difference is just staggering.

      In the meanwhile, one thing you could try is to backup your current configuration reset the router back to the factory defaults and try to turn off WPS right away (as soon as it’s restored) and check if it works. If it does and you confirm it’s disable, try to restore your previous settings (with the backup file) and see how it goes.
      If WPS starts to act funny when you restore your settings backup, then there’s probably an issue with your configuration files. In that case just reset it to the factory defaults again and reconfigure it, just to ensure the settings are all clean.

  • alexandra:

    Hi, i was following your instructions to configure my dlink dir-600 but i have some problems.i can use my wifi only on my mobile.On my laptop is writting connectted but with the yellow triangle no internet access.PLEASE HELP!!!

    • Hello Alexandra,

      It’s difficult for me to know what’s going on without more information, but before doing anything else, have you tried to restart the router?
      Considering that your settings were/are correct for Wifi, restarting it should get it fixed (just unplug the router, wait 30 seconds, and then plug it back on).

      If you’re unable to connect once it’s back up, then I’d recommend you to follow my article from the very beginning to get everything configured again., just in case the settings got corrupt or something like that.

      Important Note: Please make sure you are connected through a cable (not wifi) while modifiying crucial settings on the router (for example, the Wifi settings).

  • connie:

    hi andre, I am just wondering why our pc, laptops and cellphones can connect to our dlink dir 600 router while our samsung tab 2 and lenovo cellphone which can connect before cant connect now. It says on the samsung tab connected but the the signal in the wifi icon is not stable and cant access the net. I will try to configure our dlink but when i click wireless network wizard or any setup configuration there, it says this feature has been disabled by this emulator. So i am having second thoughts of resetting my router. please help if you may. thanks

    • Hi Connie,

      Unfortunately, the error message you’re getting means that your ISP has blocked you from modifying the router’s advanced configuration.

      I would recommend resetting it to the default settings, and whenever possible get another router, just so you aren’t limited by your ISP when it comes to those settings.

      The good side of this is that you can probably call your ISP and ask for the changes you need to be implemented. If you do not have access to them, then they’ll have to do it for you.

  • Rajesh:

    Can I connect dlink dir 600 l router without a computer

    • Hi Rajesh,

      You certainly can, but you’ll still need a device in order to configure it.
      The device (Desktop Computer, Laptop, Netbook) must be connected to the router through a network cable. 🙁
      Unfortunately there’s no way around that, as by default the Wireless functions are disabled (they’ll be activated once you run the “Internet Connection Setup Wizard”, or by configuring those settings manually as described on the post).

      The only way to access it through wireless would be if the router had been used previously (hence, wireless was/is configured), but you would need the Wireless SSID and Key/Passphrase in order to be able to connect to it. But that would be a totally different story and it would only work if MAC filtering was either off or if your device is in the router’s whitelist.

      Either way it’s always recommended to configure routers when connected through ethernet (for obvious reasons).

  • cathy:


  • xander:

    HEY? how about my problem? “when I enter the username which is admin the reply is ‘User Name or Password is incorrect.’

    • Hey Xander,

      By default the password is blank, but if that isn’t working then it means a password has been setup.
      I would recommend resetting the router back to the factory settings, if all goes well you should be able to login with no password after that (unless of course, your router was given to you by your ISP and they uploaded custom firmware/configuration to the device — in that case you’d need to contact your ISP directly in order to obtain the credentials).

  • angie:

    hi.. i bought the router myself. i cant go through the setting. just the same case of xander. i actually forgot the username and its password. i already did the reset but nothing happened what should be done?

    • Angie,

      Try to hold the reset button for 30 seconds — then powercycle the router while keeping the button down (unplug the power cord, wait 10 seconds and reconnect).
      That should reset it back to the originral factory settings.

  • jor:

    Hi just got my router reset, I’m done with the setup and all but the globe icon wouldn’t turn green, it’s always on yellow mode. I’ve tried unplugging the router but still yellow mode on the globe icon on the router though I have internet connection. Please help

    • Hey Jor,

      Sorry for the late response, I’ve been quite busy working on a new project and ended up missing this comment.
      From the yellow light I’d go for limited connectivity, which means your ISP is refusing to allow your router’s MAC address into the network (could be a suspension or just a temporary outage, or just a “ghost” from your physical address within the network).

      I bet you already tried this but if you didn’t, disconnect the modem (not the router, I really mean your ISP’s modem/gateway and give it about 5 minutes to “cool off”.
      These precious minutes when your modem is offline will eventually make your connection timeout (it won’t PONG to your ISP’s PING) and therefore the MAC address will be removed from their lease table (this depends on the type of connection but I don’t want to confuse you even more).

      Give that a try though and let me know how it goes.

  • Narinder singh:

    Dear sir
    i purchase D-link Router N 150DIR-600,i connected with pc and modem,signal is shown in mobile but net not work .pliz help in this issue sir.I shall be thankful to you.

  • babar:

    please help me i just want to view network key which is already activated. please

    • Hi Babar,

      You’ll always need to log into the router’s administration area in order to view or modify a wireless network key. Once logged in, you should head to the wireless security settings. Most likely you won’t be able to see it as it will be masked/obfuscated, so you’ll probably have to reset it. Just make sure you use anything but WEP there, WPA2 Personal/Enterprise being the most commonly used nowadays.

  • Vikram:

    I have DIR-600L router but it’s Wi-Fi light is not getting on, I have try to reset but always I got the message this feature is disabled on this emulator. Please help whether I have buy new one or it gets working.

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