Exim: Clearing the internal eximstats database (cPanel)

Clearing the eximstats database isn’t something difficult to do via phpMyAdmin or a similar web-based database management application, and shouldn’t harm anything in your system. However, if you run into any issues, or just want to re-initialize the database and re-create the tables structures manually via SSH, here’s what you should do: mysqladmin drop eximstats […]

WordPress: Password-Protected pages not working on folders within WordPress’ directory (Error 404)

Symptoms: You add password-protected directories to folders within your WordPress installation, but instead of showing a password-protection prompt, your browser will show a 404 page instead This appears to be a common issue for users that try to password-protect folders within an installation of WordPress. This happens because you did not define a 401/403 (depending […]

cPanel: RoundCube not working (Error 500)

Symptom: When you log into WebMail and select RoundCube, you will get an Error 500. The first thing to try is to force an update for RoundCube by issuing the following command via SSH: /usr/local/cpanel/bin/update-roundcube –force If the reason for RoundCube not to work is its configuration files, this command will do the trick. Now, […]

Connecting your Samsung TV to stream videos directly from a computer / server

I have had difficulties getting this to work as I wanted to, so I thought it would be good something to write about. I am using a Samsung LED TV from the 7 Series, but you should be able to use this on other series, just as long as your Samsung TV is able to […]

Why your backup attempts fail in cPanel and other control panel systems – your files can be the problem.

I’ve had the idea to write about this subject a few months ago, and left it on a post it on my desk. Luckily, I have just seen it and didn’t want to throw it away without posting something about it. In these days, every single web host promises you that your data is safe […]

Using Windows’ “hosts” file to avoid downtime when switching web hosts

I do have a lot of people asking me what’s the best way to transfer their website from a web host to another without any downtime. While I think this is almost impossible (at least coherently and without anyone noticing it), there are a few tricks that you can use to minimize the downtime. One […]

cPanel: Error when creating a new package

Symptom: When creating a new package in cPanel you get the following error: [an error occurred while processing this directive]  This is usually due to cPanel’s memory limits. (It’s basically trying to create the package for you but there’s not enough memory left for the process to complete). To fix this, log into WebHost Manager […]

D-Link DIR-600 Quick Setup Guide and Micro Review

  Alright, Today I decided to review one of my latest routers, the D-Link DIR-600. The DIR-600 is a small and nice-looking router. But the looks are not everything. Just like most of the home-network routers (a.k.a. cheap routers), you will find annoying bugs on it and probably complain about reliability (you will). Let’s look […]