Samsung Galaxy S8: Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting

After having started to use my Samsung Galaxy S8 (SM-G950F), I have noticed that the Wireless Connection kept getting reconnected at totally random intervals.

This started to happen after the device got updated to the latest firmware (G950FXXU1AQDG), which seems to have introduced the bug into the system.

After trying pretty much everything I could think of (like rebooting the phone, router, etc) I have tried to disable “Nearby device scanning” (the function that scans for nearby Bluetooth LE devices) and this seems to have fixed it.

To disable “Nearby device scanning” and avoid having your wi-fi connection restarted all the time, open your Samsung Galaxy S8’s menu and find the “Settings” icon. From there, click on “Connections”, followed by “More connection settings”. The “Nearby device scanning” option will be the very first on the list and it’s enabled by default.

Disabling it seems to fix the issue.

I am not sure why this happens as I haven’t “rooted” my phone (I just do not have that habit) so I can only presume that, somehow every time it tries to search for a Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) devices, the module controlling the connections (which is the same for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi) halts/fails and the connection is lost. The issue is temporarily resolved by disabling/reactivating Wi-Fi until the same thing happens all over again.

If you’re watching a movie or listening to music, this can be extremely annoying, so hopefully this post will help you out and prevent a trip to the store or a call to Samsung 🙂

Note: Disabling “Nearby device scanning” will inevitably have some side-effects. If you use a Bluetooth LE device, such as a Fitness Tracker or SmartWatch, you may lose some functionality when you disable this.

Considering that this issue only started to occur on the latest firmware build, it’s most likely going to be fixed by Samsung soon. So… if you get a notification of a Software Update, make sure you go for it and re-activate the “Nearby device scanning” for at least an hour to test it out and confirm that it’s been fixed.


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