Connecting your Samsung TV to stream videos directly from a computer / server

I have had difficulties getting this to work as I wanted to, so I thought it would be good something to write about.

I am using a Samsung LED TV from the 7 Series, but you should be able to use this on other series, just as long as your Samsung TV is able to connect to your home network using either a wired or wireless connection.


Your first step should be to get the TV’s MAC address and whitelist it in your router’s firewall. You may skip this if you are not using a firewall.

To get the MAC Address for your TV, press the “menu” button on your remote controller, and navigate through:

Setup –> Network –> Network Test

The MAC address will be displayed as the Network Test starts.

Once you’ve whitelisted the MAC address, download Samsung PC Share Manager.

I have no idea why, but the software is extremely hard to find online, even though it’s free and it’s bundled with most Series 6 and Series 7 TVs, so for that reason I have made it available for download. Click here to get it.


Install PC Share Manager and start the application.

Navigate through:

Share –> Set Device Policy

Select your TV’s IP Address (it will be listed as a TV) and click toggle the Policy button to Accept. You can then close that menu and return to the main screen.


Then, navigate through:

Share –> Share Folder

Select the folder you want to share with the TV and close the menu box by clicking on the Accept button. Repeat the process for all the folders you want to have available on your TV.

(You cannot share individual files)


Once you have added all the folders you want to share on the TV, navigate through:

Server –> Server: On

You will have enable or disable the server. Select “On” to connect to the TV. You may also want to make sure the option “Run Digital Media Server when Windows Starts” if you want to share the folders on a permanent basis (for media servers),


Finally click on:

Share –> Refresh DB

The database will now synchronize. This will take a while.

Once the process is complete, you should be able to browse your videos through your TV.

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